• where are you staying (John 1:35-40)

    In the second day of the Journey I find myself among John’s disciples. Just as a editorial note, what I say along the journey aren’t deep commentary on scripture, but are just thoughts as I interact with it. Like I said in the introductory page these are notes on a Jouney I am making as… Read more

  • John the Baptist

    There are always a few very intresting people to read about in the bible one of those is John the baptizer. In other Gospels he is seen wearing camel hair shirts and eating locus and wild honey which I’ve read is intresting no matter how you look at it. But in the Gospel of John… Read more

  • A call to integrety

    We live in an age where the words honest and integrety are not in the vocabulary of many people. I work (as a suplement to my pastoral roles) in a major retail outlet and we have a policy to allow people to return items under a certain price without a receipt, which is very good… Read more

  • Role of the pastor

    In thinking of the role of a pastor under the understanding of the Friends Church many things must be considered. What is the role of a paid individual in an organization where ministry, business and the decision making process is performed by a group and not individuals? More specifically what is my role in this… Read more

  • So what is the rapture?

    There has been quite a bit of talk about the rapture of late. My family really got into the discussion when the Left Behind series came out. But there has always been something about this teaching that has left me wondering. If God’s plan is to remove His people from inpending doom then why have… Read more

  • Christ the Gatekeeper

    For most of my child and young adult life I lived as a Kansas farmboy. My life had a rythem, a chorus or melody of biological processes. The seasons had meaning they marked our time. Our calander didn’t necissarily follow days of the month; but temperature, the length of day, and rain. For a farmboy… Read more

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