Willow Creek Friends Church Meeting for Worship

Friends call their worship services Meetings for Worship. These can be held any day, but most often they are held on Sunday (First Day).

There are different styles of worship among Friends. Some Meetings (Churches) will have what is called an unprogrammed meeting for worship. This style has no liturgical planning, and those that participate meet together in silence unless someone is prompted by the Spirit of God to speak. Other Meetings will have programmed or semi-programmed meetings for worship. These Meetings for Worship will often have selected music, scripture readings, and prepared sermons. Even in these meetings for worship there is usually an extended period of silence where all that are present sit expecting to encounter the Spirit of God in some manner.

Willow Creek Friends Church is a programmed Meeting, as are most Evangelical Friends Churches.

We meet for worship every week on Sunday mornings at 11 am (Central).

Willow Creek Friends Church

9700 Wornall Rd

Kansas City, MO 64114

If you are unable to attend in person we live stream our Meetings for Worship on our YouTube Channel.

Archived Meetings for Worship can be found on these pages:





If you would like more information about Evangelical Friends or Willow Creek Friends Church feel free to contact us or come by.

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Meeting Times

Meal at 6pm
Bible Study at 7pm
Bible Study at 10am
Meeting for Worship 11am
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