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Oh Sophia My Love

Scripture: Wisdom of Solomon 7:26-8:1

Although this book is not in the Protestant book of scriptures there is somthing about it that brings comfort. I have a personality that loves to know things. I have said that often in my thoughts. The pursuit of knowledge brings me joy. If there was a subculture in the Christian culture I would lable myself a scientific Christian. Some of you may cringe at that, but I have no problem with science. It is a discipline or a quest for knowledge, and in my view that is what we as humans are called to do. Adam the first man, was given a job to name everything and to be a steward of the earth. That is a calling of scientific discovery and application.

Some of us may not be as disciplined as other in this quest, but there is some curiosity deep with in us. A quest to bring the world aound us into submission in some way.

This book in many ways encourages thi pursuit of knowledge, and the application of that. The one that wrote it has such joy from this pursuit that it almost seems to read like a love affair instead of a book of scripture. He speaks of wisdom or the pursuit and application of knowledge as the highest pursuit the pursuit of God. It is almost as if this pursuit is the pursuit of God. It is almost as if Sophia, or lady Wisdom, is part of the personality of God. Could this be the actual name of The Holy Spirit, the third person of the triune God? I’m sure theologians and biblical scholars could let me know for sure. If Sophia is not a personality of God, she is definatly an angel equal to Michael and Gabriel, at last in my thinking.

This passages goes on to say, “God loves nothing so much as the person who lives with wisdom.” To seek wisdom, to live with and in wisdom is to love God. Our faith should not be one that neglects the pursuit of knowledge, if it is it is as if we are rejecting God and the image of God in us. We should always be seeking and enjoying the discipline of learning. This includes not only knowledge of scripture but also the knowledge of the world around us. Pursue Sophia, pursue her like you pursued and continue to pursue your spouse and your God. But in this pursue let us not forget who it is we are pursuing. If wisdom is not an aspect of God then she is His servant. If she is a servant then we should keep her in the right place because she only reflects an aspect of someting greater.

Prayer, study, meditation, fasting among other spiritual disciplines are just tools used to pursue the wisdom of God. Let us learn to enjoy these application of these tools so that we can join the writer of book in the romance of wisdom and the love of God. 

About jwquaker

I’m sure everyone wants to know who I am…well if you are viewing this page you do. I’m Jared Warner and I am a pastor or minister recorded in the Evangelical Friends Church Mid America Yearly Meeting. To give a short introduction to the EFC-MA, it is a group of evangelical minded Friends in the Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. We are also a part of the larger group called Evangelical Friends International, which as the name implies is an international group of Evangelical Friends. For many outside of the Friends or Quaker traditions you may ask what a recorded minister is: the short answer is that I have demistrated gifts of ministry that our Yearly Meeting has recorded in their minutes. To translate this into other terms I am an ordained pastor, but as Friends we believe that God ordaines and mankind can only record what God has already done. More about myself: I have a degree in crop science from Fort Hays State University, and a masters degree in Christian ministry from Friends University. Both of these universities are in Kansas. I lived most of my life in Kansas on a farm in the north central area, some may say the north west. I currently live and minister in the Kansas City, MO area and am a pastor in a programed Friends Meeting called Willow Creek Friends Church.


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